What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?


A combination of factors contributes to diabetes. Here is a low-down on it:

Genes: Research observes that different parts of DNA influence your body’s capacity to produce insulin.

Excessive glucose production by your liver: When your blood is low on sugar, your liver produces and sends glucose to the blood. After your meals, your blood sugar levels spike up and your liver slows down and reserves the glucose for future use. However, in some cases, the liver doesn’t function like this. It keeps producing sugar even when your blood isn’t depleted of sugar levels. This triggers diabetes.

Poor cell-to-cell communication: Sometimes, your cells send wrong signals or fail to pick up the signals in the right manner. These physiological circumstances influence your cell’s capacity to make and use insulin, leading to diabetes in a chain reaction.

Broken beta cells: If your insulin-producing cells start making the wrong amount of this hormone, your blood sugar levels go haywire.

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