Global Diabetes Initiatives

(Dreaming and Working Toward a Diabetes Free Society)


“Even in managing diabetes, walking together is better than walking alone.”

Global Diabetes Initiatives (GDI), is an advocacy and support organization for persons with diabetes. We work hand-in-hand with persons with diabetes to help them manage the condition and improve their overall health. Ours is more than just a charitable organization, we are a community of mutual support.

Are You at Risk? Be Educated!

It’s not always easy to keep your blood sugar levels within the range recommended by the doctor. But it’s not impossible.

You can keep a keen eye on factors that cause change to your sugar levels, most especially, food.

Health eating is the core determinant for healthy living. If you have diabetes, eating healthy is not just about what you eat. It is also about how much and what food types you choose.

It’s Important to:


Learn carbohydrate counting and portion control.

Ensure each meal is balanced.

Harmonize meals and medications.

Stay away from sugar-sweetened drinks.

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